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Punishment for Infractions:

At [livejournal.com profile] camelot_land, we work on a strike system.

If you break a rule, you earn one strike. You will be notified by Private Message by your Team Leader, asked to not do it again and placed on Moderated Posting. If you break a second rule, you will receive a second strike and will be notified by either of the Mods and you will have to sit out for the current challenge. If you receive a third strike, you will be notified by one of the Mods and you will have to sit out during the rest of the phase.

o1. Please keep your posts on topic. This community is for anything that has been created for the challenges at [livejournal.com profile] camelot_land be it fiction, artwork, icons, videos, etc. Please save all other discussions for your team communities.

o2. No flaming or dissing fellow fans and/or their work. If you want to squee over a story, icon or video, you're strongly encouraged to do so. Negative reviews, however, do not belong here. We want to keep this comm a happy place. This means no character or actor bashing either. Doing so, will earn you a strike against your name.

o3. The lj-cut is your friend. Large images, spoilers and stories longer than 100 words belong behind an lj-cut. If your entry contains spoilers, please warn for them outside of the cut or within the cut-text. NSFW-stuff also belongs behind a cut.

o4. Spoilers: Yes, it's been a year since that day, but not everyone has seen all of series five yet. We all get the general gist of what happened and that's okay. We're not asking you to black out great hunks of text or announce 'Spoilers' in Camelot Red before going about your business, we are simply asking that you make a note of which season and which episode your art/fic/vid/whatever takes place in. A simple 1x13 or 5x10 will suffice.

o5. When posting, please fill in the subject header with the challenge title and number and please use the following template or a close variation thereof:

Feel free to add your name or author's notes, but please make sure you keep the rating and warnings in there. Please note, there is no need to warn for Slash - male or female -, or kissing.

For those who post NC-17 materials (directly to the comm or linked to another journal), we ask you to please set your entries in the community as Explicit Adult.

Image Guide Below )

o6. Tag your entries. We're trying to keep the tagging system here as simple as possible, and all entries MUST include the following tags:

- Your Name, Team Tag, Challenge ##, Type of Submission (art/fic/vid), Rating.

Tagging your entries is required. You can also use any other pertinent tags for your work (characters etc). If you require a tag that does not appear on the list, please go to the Contact-A-Mod with "Vaults Tag" in the subject line.

o7. Do Not mess with the basic settings. Please don't code your entries to change the comm's default font, colour scheme and other parts of its layout. Also, don't create or link to locked posts, link to posts that will be locked in the near future, or turn off the comments, doing so will earn you a written warning from the Mods.

o8. Be sensible about the number of times you post. Spamming the community with 5 posts for five different challenge submissions all within a five minute period, will earn you a strike, and you will be moved to moderated posting privileges.

o9. Promoting your community, challenge, meetup, meme, etc. is not allowed in this community, if you wish to promote, please contact team leaders or mods through the Contact-A-Mod post on [livejournal.com profile] camelot_land directly.

Failure to meet any of these rules may result in the deletion of your post(s), and in a temporary or permanent move from unmoderated to moderated posting, repeat offenders will be removed from the community. You may also be banned for: plagiarism, flaming, trolling, being cruel, ignoring the mods, and/or being an arse.



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